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Elsa(lab). Anna( retriever)sven(teddy bear)Hans (Havatese)oaken(mini bernedoodle)
Huey Schulze
Georgi Corgi!
Georgi Corgi Butt!
Rosie bichon
6 months and happy with her new family
Tank Cane Corso
Tank Cane Corso
Sage a Cocker Spaniel growin up fast
Bailey our Beautiful Teddy Bear
Mini Sheepadoodle going home!
Oscar the Havapoo
Mini Woodle Stopping By
Poms For days
Mini Bernedoodle update
Mini bernedoodle Happy Family
Goldie the Mini goldendoodle
English Mastiff-1 Year 4 Months
Yukon The Newfie
Yukon The Gorgeous Newfie.
Melo & Dovie & Momma!
Melo the Havanese!
Mini Goldendoodle
Happy in his new home.
Phase 1: St bernard puppy goes home
Phase 2: Getting too big to hold
Phase 3:Dog bigger than the owner!
JahJah Husky exploring
Gracie & Chip Wheaten Terriers
Cooper a Cavalier!
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